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In 2003 Marty and Mia Sheppard purchased Little Creek Outfitters

Little Creek Outfitters and Guide

Marty, Mia and Tegan


Marty’s background:

Born and raised in Oregon, Marty grew up on the banks of the Sandy River. With his dad as tutor and angling mentor, Marty landed his first steelhead at the age of five. During the 70s his dad continued to hone and shape [perhaps unknowingly] Marty’s future by taking him fishing, seemingly every day, and instilling in him the instincts and techniques for pursuing steelhead. Much of his fly-fishing inspiration came from devouring books, especially those written by such notable and insightful naturalists as Roderick Haig-Brown and Bill McMillan. While still a young strapling in the 1990s, Steve Kruse took Marty underwing and taught him the art of Spey casting. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that all these elements now manifest themselves as Marty’s unbounded enthusiasm for guiding—backed up by over a decade of professional experience in the “field”—and an almost missionary zeal for teaching others and sharing in the pure joy of rivers.

Marty is a top ambassador for Simms Fishing, Echo Rods, Airflo Lines, Saracione Reels

Mia’s Background:

World champion spey caster, accomplished guide, conservationist,  upland bird hunter, skier, and mother, Mia Sheppard, grew up in Tennessee, chasing trout and hiking the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. Fly fishing caught her attention in 1996 and in 2003, Mia started her guiding career on the John Day River. Mia soon became efficient at casting both a single and double hand rod and is now recognized as one of the top women spey casters in the industry holding the record of longest cast of 144 feet and has used her casting skills to raise over $18,000 for Casting for Recovery. When she isn’t on the river, or being a mother, she is working to conserve public lands for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership.

Mia is also a top ambassador for Simms Fishing, Winston Rods, Airflo Lines, Saracione Reels, Bauer Reels and Boggs Trail Butter

Client quotes –

“Little Creek Outfitters offers a rare combination of circumstances: a spectacular wild and scenic river, remarkable wildlife diversity, surface steelhead action and a “camp” organization that compels return visits.”

-R. Labbe

“Style treads heavily over substance; our sport is fast becoming just another “industry”, like real estate or jogging shoes. Every time I fish with you guys I’m reminded that it doesn’t have to be that way. You’re commitment to quality of sport over explosive growth keeps me coming back.”

-K. Francis